This is the place to see old and new Mr. Drinkwater Cartoons

Mr. Drinkwater Cartoons are the creation of D. B. Schell. First conceived in the 1980s, Mr. Drinkwater was an evening hobby. In 2006, a Web site was created which was dedicated to Mr. Drinkwater cartoon experiments. Mr Drinkwater Cartoons are imaginative play. Characters were created to assume a position based on the ideas of posts and commentary, often from the Web. D. B. Schell continued creating Drinkwater cartoons until September of 2012. After a five year break, Schell has decided to repost the old cartoons and introduce new ones. Please support this project.

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New home of Mr. Drinkwater Cartoons


Mr. Drinkwater Cartoons first appeard in the 1990s and was one of the early strips on the Web. This site presents a selection of the origional cartoons as well all as new Mr. Drinkwater cartoons. Enjoy.